Amazon Web Services Cloud Workshop - 10 Nov 2009, Chennai

Workshop for System Integrators and Software Architects conducted by Amazon Web Services

Venue: Hall of Guines-'68, Anna University TIDEL Park Auditorium, No 4, Rajiv Gandhi Salai, Taramani, Chennai -113 Hat Tip Anantara Solutions Anantara-Logo.jpg for coordinating the new venue.

Date: 10 Nov 2009 9:30 AM to 5:30PM

Free, Open-to-all( Registration Required)

Event #hashtag: [#awschn]

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Amazon Web Services

Disruptive technologies such as Cloud computing and Infrastructure as a Service(IaaS) are rapidly becoming main stream. With the maturity of the technology, the business aspects like shifting the outgo from Capital Expenditure to Operating Expenditure are proving to be attractive. Amazon Web Services(AWS), is a pioneer and market leader in Infrastructure as Service(IaaS) market. AWS offers a rich set of Application Programming Interface(API) to consume its infrastructure as well as other related services.

The Cloud as a Platform

Building the right infrastructure that can scale up or down in a moment's notice can be a complicated and expensive task, but it's essential in today's business landscape. This applies to an enterprise trying to cut-costs, a young business unexpectedly saturated with customer demand, or a start-up looking to launch.

Amazon Web Services provides a highly reliable and scalable infrastructure for deploying web-scale solutions, with minimal support and administration costs, and more flexibility than the traditional data center.

The inherent flexibility of the AWS cloud enables businesses to use it as a Platform in variety of different ways. In this session, Seattle-based Jinesh Varia will cut through the cloud hype and discuss some of the emerging patterns by sharing real-world customer stories and case-studies demonstrating how the AWS cloud is being used as a platform for innovation.

AWS is not only a rich platform to build products and solutions but also a platform to build specialized platforms. Jinesh will also share some of the unique characteristics of the AWS cloud that ISVs and SIs leverage to enable businesses to take advantage of the value-added platforms built on the top of AWS. He will discuss many success stories that were made possible by smart solutions built by Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and services provided by System Integrators (SIs). The session will highlight the power of this emerging ecosystem and flexibility of the AWS Cloud.

The session is targeted at System Integrators, ISVs, software architects and Product Engineering Technical Decision Makers.

The workshop will be led by Seattle-based Jinesh Varia, Technology Evangelist, Amazon Web Services

Please consult the Workshop agenda for topics covered.

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