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AWS Cloud Workshop is free and open-to-all event. Seats are limited(40 60 90 110 140 ). For maximum community coverage, the recommended limit per organization is 2 persons.
While all effort is made to make wifi available, bringing your own mobile internet connection is a good idea.

Please add your details to the end of the list, leaving the last entry( template) intact.

  1. Name, Role/Org, email contact, more-info, Why AWS?
  2. Balaji Sowmyanarayanan, Sim-OnDemand, labsji G Ma iL, @labsji , Interested in DevPay as SaaS enabler.
  3. yarish kumar , Software Engineer,Yodlee Infotech,Bnagalore , yarish.yodlee at gmail dot com , 96329 00045 , learn more about AWS
  4. Nandakumar, Asst Manager IT/Mobius knowledge services, moc.secivressuibom|dramukadnan#moc.secivressuibom|dramukadnan, moc.liamg|ni.sadnan#moc.liamg|ni.sadnan, Existing AWS customer like to know more about IaaS.
  5. Ezhil Arasan B, CSS Labs, ezhilarasan.babaraj@csscorp[dot]com, System Integrator and SaaS enabler
  6. Karthik Jayapal, Software engineer/iMorph Inc, moc.hpromi|kihtrak#moc.hpromi|kihtrak, New to AWS - Would like to learn about it.
  7. Sharath Chandran, Senior Engineer - Technology Services/ Congruent Solutions Pvt Ltd, moc.lpsc|rt_nardnahchtarahs#moc.lpsc|rt_nardnahchtarahs,New to AWS
  8. Keerthi Shankar, Lead Software Engineer - Real Image Media Technologies Pvt Ltd, moc.egamilaer|ihtreek#moc.egamilaer|ihtreek, Just Interested!
  9. Anuradha Sriram, Lead Software Engineer - Real Image Media Technologies Pvt Ltd., moc.egamilaer|marirsahdaruna#moc.egamilaer|marirsahdaruna, To learn about AWS.
  10. Arunkumar, Software Engineer - Technology Services/ Congruent Solutions Pvt Ltd, moc.lpsc|k.ramuknura#moc.lpsc|k.ramuknura,New to AWS
  11. Baishampayan Ghose - Chief Geek Infinitely Beta, AWS User.
  12. Sivaprakash S, CSS Labs,||magumnahs.hsakarpavis, AWS User
  13. Sathyajith Bhat, Software Engineer - 3i Infotech Ltd, moc.syasayhtas|ayhtas#moc.syasayhtas|ayhtas, Interested in knowing AWS
  14. Mercy Seelan, Software Engineer / GenesisCircle, moc.elcricsiseneg|ycrem#moc.elcricsiseneg|ycrem, To know more about AWS
  15. Saravanakumar S, Tech Lead /Hewitt Associates, moc.oohay|looc_arahs#moc.oohay|looc_arahs,Understand Better on AWS concepts
  16. Kartheeswaran K,Sr.Software Engineer,Hewitt Associates,moc.ttiweh|narawseehtrak.k#moc.ttiweh|narawseehtrak.k, To know about AWS.
  17. Sekar Vembu, CEO,, To share about StoreGrid & Vembu Home, Home.Vembu.Com, Online backup biz platform & service.
  18. Lakshmanan (Lux) Narayan, President,, To share about StoreGrid & Vembu Home, Home.Vembu.Com, Online backup biz platform & service.
  19. Jayavasanthan J, Director Technology/, To share about StoreGrid, Home.Vembu.Com, Online backup biz platform.
  20. Kumar Krishnasami, Director of Consumer Markets,, To share about Vembu Home, Home.Vembu.Com, FREE & Online backup service.
  21. Sathish Subramanian, Director of Engineering/, To share what we do at Vembu and to look at folks who would love to work with us.
  22. Gayathri Sankaran, gayathri.s at gmail, Interested to learn more.
  23. Bala Murugan , IT Analyst, moc.itc-a|m2b#moc.itc-a|m2b / [], Deploying all Amazon service to Production, To know more about CloudFront and share my idea.
  24. Mannarmannan , IT Analyst, moc.itc-a|r2m#moc.itc-a|r2m / [], To know more about AWS.
  25. Venkatesh , Sr. Java Programmer, moc.itc-a|rev#moc.itc-a|rev / [], To know more about AWS.
  26. Benyraja , IT Analyst, moc.itc-a|jeb#moc.itc-a|jeb / [], To know more about AWS.
  27. Amaldoss , IT Analyst, moc.itc-a|gma#moc.itc-a|gma / [], For better understanding of AWS Concepts.
  28. Bhaskar V Kode, Pune, @bosky101, Share about scaling web applications, the way.
  29. Vamsee Kanakala, Director, vamsee AT viamentis D0T com, Viamentis Technologies Chennai, We manage our clients' hosting needs on AWS.
  30. Samuel Vijaykumar M. Technology Specialist, CSS Labs,||ydderidam.leumas, To share our experiences with AWS.
  31. Ganesh Raj Mohan P, Systems Architect / Ebay - PayPal, moc.liamg|nahomjarhsenag#moc.liamg|nahomjarhsenag, AWS Enthusiast
  32. Badrinarayanan VS, CEO NRich Software, ni.liamletria|hcirn#ni.liamletria|hcirn, interested in knowing about AWS
  33. Vivek Ravisankar, Co-founder,, moc.teertsweivretni|keviv#moc.teertsweivretni|keviv[], We are planning to move our stack to EC2, want to know more
  34. Satya Narayan, Software Consultant, ni.nayaranaytas|aytas#ni.nayaranaytas|aytas,, Working on a comparison on AWS and GAE (Google).
  35. Gnanakumar, Product Architect, moc.cainoz|manang#moc.cainoz|manang, To learn more about other Amazon web services other than EC2.
  36. Vagmi Mudumbai, CTO & Co-founder, moc.24ahtra|imgav#moc.24ahtra|imgav, To know more about AWS.
  37. Murthy Raju, Solution Architect/CSS Corp, moc.procssc|anehtnam.ujaryhtrum#moc.procssc|anehtnam.ujaryhtrum, Would like to meet other users of AWS and learn from each other's experience
  38. Abhilash S, Network Manager/Full 360, moc.063lluf|hsahbus.hsalihba#moc.063lluf|hsahbus.hsalihba, We are going to migrate our application servers to AWS, would like to get more knowledge about AWS.
  39. vicky :: Systems Librarian :: kowale-at-gmail-com :: webservices+cloudapps=future
  40. Eswaran N , NIIT Technologies, moc.hcet-tiin|nahmisaran.narawse#moc.hcet-tiin|nahmisaran.narawse
  41. Senthilkumar, Engineering Manager, moc.cainoz|lihtnes#moc.cainoz|lihtnes, To learn more about other Amazon web services other than EC2.
  42. Ramesh K, Systems Architect/eJyothi Services Pvt Ltd, moc.ihtoyje|lihtamurak.hsemar#moc.ihtoyje|lihtamurak.hsemar, Would like to understand more details of AWS and its implementation.
  43. Mir Liaqath Ali, Technical Consultant,||30imila, learning
  44. Rajesh Kumar, Business Head, Portal Solutions, Milagrow Business and Knowledge Solutions, rajesh.kumar (at] Milagrow do t in. Cloud Enthusiast.
  45. V.S.Elangovan,ERP Consultant(Compiere),VIENNA Solutions,moc.snoitulosanneiv|navognale.s.v#moc.snoitulosanneiv|navognale.s.v,Interested in Amazon Cloud
  46. K.Suganthi,Senior Developer(Compiere),VIENNA Solutions,moc.snoitulosanneiv|ihtnagus.k#moc.snoitulosanneiv|ihtnagus.k,Would like to learn more about AWS
  47. Harish Ganesan, CTO, 8KMiles, moc.selimk8|hsirah#moc.selimk8|hsirah, knowing more about AWS
  48. Raghuraman B, Principal Engineer, 8KMiles, moc.selimk8|uhgar#moc.selimk8|uhgar, knowing more about AWS
  49. Rajkumar S, Architect/Nokia, moc.liamg|wobjar#moc.liamg|wobjar, Appreciation of the AWS offering
  50. Dharmalingam R , Asst Manager/IT- CSS,moc.procssc|ymasamar.magnilamrahD#moc.procssc|ymasamar.magnilamrahD, To learn more about Amazon web services.
  51. Vasudhevan M, Creative Head/Global C, moc.liamg||, want to know more about aws
  52. Asokan N, CEO/Global C,moc.liamffider|n_nakosa#moc.liamffider|n_nakosa, to learn about aws.
  53. K Govind Prasad , General Manager, Universal Print Systems Ltd moc.liamg|dasarpdnivogk#moc.liamg|dasarpdnivogk want to know more and implement i t in the arena of print and software ,about AWS
  54. Anandan Kumaran,Architect,moc.zevawbew|anaramuk#moc.zevawbew|anaramuk, Provide customer with solution on the cloud.
  55. Raghunath Dayala, Sr software engineer/CA, moc.liamg|alayad.htanuhgar#moc.liamg|alayad.htanuhgar, to learn about AWS, and provide customer with solution on the cloud.
  56. Pavan K, Director/CA, moc.oohay|321ramukkp#moc.oohay|321ramukkp, to know about amazon pricing, want to know more on EC2
  57. Arul Mani, Architect, ni.tenalphtnet|lura#ni.tenalphtnet|lura, to get drenched in the rain from the cloud
  58. Siddharta Govindaraj, moc.erawtfosepirtsrevlis|atrahddis#moc.erawtfosepirtsrevlis|atrahddis
  59. bharathi karthik, TCS, project manager, moc.oohay|kihtrak_ihtarahb#moc.oohay|kihtrak_ihtarahb, Interested to learn on AWS
  60. Prithvi Raj,Crescent Engineering College,Student.CSE, prithvi.raj [a@t ] 20qbe poi nt com , learn about aws and scalability .
  61. Palaniappan Chellappan, Independent web developer, palaniappanc at gmail, looking at the options
  62. Arun Balaji M V.working on job platform service, balaji at resonet dot in looking for vpc option for the concept
  63. Pradeep Raghunathan, AVP - Technology, MaxValue Learning Technologies and Consulting Pvt Ltd. pradeepr[at], Looking at the Cloud for our offering.
  64. Balakumar Thirunavukkarasu,Software Engineer - MaxValue Learning Technologies and Consulting Pvt Ltd. balakumar[at], Want to know more about AWS implementation.
  65. Suresh Dhanakotti, Software Engineer - MaxValue Learning Technologies and Consulting Pvt Ltd. dksuresh[at], interested in Cloud Computing.
  66. Karthik Vijayakumar, IT Architect, IBM Software Labs. karthik[at], Chasing Clouds
  67. venkataraman sundaresan ,IT consultant ,MSAT,raghav.ts[at],
  68. Sathya Narayanan R, Software Engg.- PointCross Inc., moc.liamg|anayaranRayhtas#moc.liamg|anayaranRayhtas, To know more about Cloud Computing from the experts.
  69. Harikrishnan Kesavan - Consultant - Anantara Solutions Pvt. Ltd., To enhance my skills on cloud computing
  70. Niranjan Somasundram - Lead Consultant -Anantara Solutions Pvt. Ltd., To enhance my skills on cloud computing
  71. Bharat Gautam - Team Lead - PayPal, moc.liamg|matuaG.tarahB#moc.liamg|matuaG.tarahB, Understanding services and cloud computing.
  72. Bhuvaneswaran - Lead, Engineering, CollabNet, moc.utnubu|navuhb#moc.utnubu|navuhb,, Latest Updates
  73. Ravi Jaya - Foss Technologist, Freelancer, moc.liamg|muibolgog.ivar#moc.liamg|muibolgog.ivar, To know, how AWS could help me, to serve my clients better.,
  74. Sivaji - Drupal developer, SG E-ndicus InfoTech Pvt Ltd, moc.sucidn-e|ijavis#moc.sucidn-e|ijavis, To get my feet wet into cloud.
  75. VanniaRajan - Software Engineer, Techgaruda Software India Pvt Ltd, moc.aduraghcet|ainnav#moc.aduraghcet|ainnav, To know an area that will be useful anytime.
  76. Balaji - Software Engineer, Techgaruda Software India Pvt Ltd, moc.aduraghcet|ijalab#moc.aduraghcet|ijalab, To learn about AWS.
  77. Mohan L -Jr.Research and Development Engineer, Consim Info Pvt Ltd, moc.misnoc|l.nahom#moc.misnoc|l.nahom, To enhance my skills on cloud computing and to know how AWS could help us.
  78. Murugapandian R -Team Lead, SourceTrace Systems, moc.ecartecruos|naidnap#moc.ecartecruos|naidnap, To enhance my skills on cloud computing and to know how AWS could help us.
  79. Mukund Sundaram Senior Architect/Wipro Technologies, mukund.sundaram at g Ma il c om, Interested in learning Amazon’s EC2, cloud offering & strategy for any kind of enterprise
  80. Ayyapparajan.M.K. - Software Engineer, Vulcantech Software India Pvt Ltd, moc.erawtfoshcetnacluv|nappayya#moc.erawtfoshcetnacluv|nappayya, Like to learn new Technology.
  81. Selvam - Software Engineer, Vulcantech Software India Pvt Ltd, moc.erawtfoshcetnacluv|mavles#moc.erawtfoshcetnacluv|mavles, To learn more.
  82. Ilayaraja M - Tech Lead, Consim Info Pvt Ltd, moc.misnoc|m.ajarayali#moc.misnoc|m.ajarayali, To learn more.
  83. Lakyntina (Tina) L. Lakshmanan, Founder, ShareMyCake - Celebrate & Make a Difference, To learn more and explore potential for ShareMyCake to use AWS
  84. Jaganadh G jaganadhg [[@]] gmail [[dot]] com
  85. sudharsan s moc.liamg|88hsrahdus#moc.liamg|88hsrahdus Urge to learn new technologies
  86. Gopalasivam.P - Project Engineer,AU-KBC Research Center, moc.liamg|78mavisalapog#moc.liamg|78mavisalapog, To Learn Technologies from New Area.
  87. Aravind S - Project Manager, ecSoftware, To expand my understanding of Cloud Computing
  88. Ramya R - Senior Software Engineer ecSoftware, To learn about the emerging technology Cloud computing, since it is going to be widely used in future.
  89. NallaKumar KC - Software Engineer [L&T Infotech], To know the concepts of Cloud computing.
  90. Rajagopal V, Collabnet, ten.balloc|ajar#ten.balloc|ajar, Learn about S3 and EC2
  91. Vishnu varthan P - software engineer moc.sucidn-e|unhsiv#moc.sucidn-e|unhsiv SG E-ndicus InfoTech Pvt Ltd chennai
  92. saravana bharathi moc.liamg|963nanavaras#moc.liamg|963nanavaras To learn about aws capabilities
  93. Vipin M, Research Scholar [ AU-KBC Research Centre ], moc.liamg|mtnipiv#moc.liamg|mtnipiv, Interested in learning Amazon’s cloud computing.
  94. LakshmiNarasimhan , Infosys , To know the concepts of Cloud computing.
  95. Madhavan Mukund, Professor/CMI,||navahdam, Explore opportunities to use AWS in academia
  96. Rajesh Kumar R.K, Marketing-Manager, SG Endicus Infotech Pvt Ltd, moc.sucidn-e|hsejar#moc.sucidn-e|hsejar, Explore Could computing
  97. Anbalagan P, Sr. Tech Lead / Essentia soft solutions, moc.proc-aitnesse|ubna#moc.proc-aitnesse|ubna, ,To learn the best practices of Cloud computing,
  98. Ramesh Babu, Sr.Engg, Amadasoft India, ni.oc.tfosadama|hsemar#ni.oc.tfosadama|hsemar, To know more about EC2
  99. Yogesh G, App. Engg, CSS Corp., Chennai, yogesh [dot] girikumar [at] in [dot] csscorp [dot] com, To learn about cloud comp and to socialize with people in the CC field.
  100. Kiran Murari, Sr. App Engg/CSS Corp., Chennai, kiran [dot] murari [at] in [dot] csscorp [dot] com, To learn and to share.
  101. Johnson Dharmaraj, Sr. App Engg/CSS Corp., johnson [dot] dharmaraj [at] in [dot] csscorp [dot] com, To learn and to share.
  102. Suseendran Renga Bashyam, App Engg/CSS Corp., suseendran [dot] rengabashyam [at] in [dot] csscorp [dot] com, To learn and to share.
  103. Bharathi S, Team Lead/Midas, bharathi[dot]s[at]gmail[dot]com, To know the basic concepts of Cloud.
  104. Hiran, Head Platform/MarketSimplified Inc., moc.deifilpmistekram|narih#moc.deifilpmistekram|narih, Leveraging AWS for Mobile
  105. Badri, Development Manager/MarketSimplified Inc, moc.deifilpmistekram|irdab#moc.deifilpmistekram|irdab, Leveraging AWS for Mobile
  106. Kumaresan, Deployment Architect/MarketSimplified Inc, moc.deifilpmistekram|naseramuk#moc.deifilpmistekram|naseramuk, Leveraging AWS for Mobile
  107. E.Iniya Nehru, Technical Director/NIC Chennai
  108. K. Venkatesh, Founder/VirtualPaper, moc.liamg|hsetaknevhsirk#moc.liamg|hsetaknevhsirk, Publishing, To connect
  109. Jigar Doshi, CTO/Doshi Housing, jigardoshi+moc.liamg|swa#moc.liamg|swa, , To connect
  110. R. Seshadri, Architect/Borqs India Software Private limited,moc.liamg|80ahses#moc.liamg|80ahses
  111. Vasanth Govind, Software Engineer,,, To Learn
  112. Dinesh Kumar B, Software Engineer,, To know what is Cloud Computing :)
  113. Ramasubramanian Founder/ To learn on Cloud computing and leverage them for developing applications.
  114. HariKrishnan Founder/ To leverage Cloud computing for business needs
  115. Krishna Kummar Developer, moc.liamg|rammukanhsirk#moc.liamg|rammukanhsirk, Understand what AWS and how to leverage it.
  116. Prashant Vivek, CSS Labs, moc.liamg|retstenmiks#moc.liamg|retstenmiks, Know more about AWS.
  117. Rajesh Ganesan, Director of Product Management/ZOHO Corp, moc.procohoz|hsejar#moc.procohoz|hsejar, , Understand needs from participants and present about our solution for monitoring AWS infrastructure
  118. Devanand I R, Product Manager/ZOHO Corp, moc.procohoz|dnanaved#moc.procohoz|dnanaved,, Present a solution for MSPs and how to leverage AWS for optimal operations
  119. M. Sivaelango, Technical Team Lead/KM Matrimony Pvt Ltd
  120. R. Sundar, President, Architect/Einzton Technologies, moc.notznie|radnus#moc.notznie|radnus []
  121. Jai Vikram Singh Verma, Freelancer, moc.liamg|amrev.markiviaj#moc.liamg|amrev.markiviaj, , have been using AWS and want to know more
  122. Ramesh, Senior Manager/LatentView Analytics, moc.weivtnetal|hsemar#moc.weivtnetal|hsemar, , Learn from others how they have used AWS to deliver apps on the cloud
  123. Kailash, Member Technical Staff / Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (CDAC) Chennai, ni.cadc|shsaliak#ni.cadc|shsaliak
  124. Sree Pratheep, Senior Software Engineer/Alphion Communications,moc.noihpla|peehtarpsm#moc.noihpla|peehtarpsm. To know about AWS
  125. Veerabahu Subramanian, Technical Lead/HCL Technologies, veechand at To know about AWS
  126. Raghav, Tech Lead/verizon,raghavabharati(dot)v [at] gmail (dot) com, Imbibe aws cloud concepts and use it for my org?
  127. B. Balamurugan, Senior Developer / Excelsoft Technologies, moc.aidnilecxe|nagurumalab#moc.aidnilecxe|nagurumalab, Official AWS solution provider, best suited for rapid application deployment of any size and for R&D.
  128. S.Komeswaran, VP/Ashva,moc.hcetavhsa|semok#moc.hcetavhsa|semok, To provide services using cloud
  129. N.Sunder, CEO/Ashva,moc.hcetavhsa|rednus#moc.hcetavhsa|rednus,To provide services using cloud
  130. K.Prabhu, CSS Labs, CSS Corp,||ubabjaruppuk.uhbarp, AWS User
  131. Tariq Hyder, CEO, Ross Fortune Interactive Pvt ltd, tariq at
  132. Mani, Director,DACAM Systems Pvt ltd, moc.sysmacad|inam#moc.sysmacad|inam
  133. T.S.S.Ravi Kumar, AVP-Sales/CtrlS Datacenters Ltd., ni.slrtc|ramukivar#ni.slrtc|ramukivar, +91-9701230510, Keen interest in Clouds
  134. R.Kumar, Solid Solutions Exact Pvt Ltd, ln.snoitulosdilos|ramuk#ln.snoitulosdilos|ramuk +91-9789976392, AWS User
  135. Balakumar Muthu, CEO/Chief Architect,,, moc.liamg|uhtum.ramukalab#moc.liamg|uhtum.ramukalab know more about AWS
  136. Rav Ahuja, Senior Product Manager/IBM Canada, Enterprise Class Databases on AWS
  137. Swapnil Mishra, Mtech IIITBangalore,ten.btiii|arhsim.linpaws#ten.btiii|arhsim.linpaws, To know about AWS and startes using it.
  138. Atul Shukla, Mtech IIITBangalore, ten.btiii|alkuhs.luta#ten.btiii|alkuhs.luta , To learn how cloud technologies can be a help for startups.
  139. Mohamed Hanifa, Software Engineer/ZOHO Corp, moc.procohoz|afinah#moc.procohoz|afinah, ,To explore AWS monitoring
  140. Anurag P, Mtech IIITBangalore,ten.btiii|p.garuna#ten.btiii|p.garuna, To know about AWS and start using it.
  141. Venugopale Mobius Knowledge Services ni.secivressuibom|elapoguneV#ni.secivressuibom|elapoguneV,To know about AWS and start using it
  142. VIjaybabu Mobius Knowledge Services ni.secivressuibom|rubabyajiv#ni.secivressuibom|rubabyajiv, To know about AWS and start using it
  143. Jeganath Mobius Knowledge Services ni.secivressuibom|khtanagej#ni.secivressuibom|khtanagej, To know about AWS and start using it
  144. Micheal alex Mobius Knowledge Services ni.secivressuibom|mxelalaehcim#ni.secivressuibom|mxelalaehcim, To know about AWS and start using it
  145. Arulraj Mobius Knowledge Services ni.secivressuibom|kjarlura#ni.secivressuibom|kjarlura, To know about AWS and start using it
  146. R Srinivasan ,Product Manager, Zoniac Software Pvt Ltd, moc.cainoz|inirs#moc.cainoz|inirs, Need to understand AWS in depth to use it.
  147. Ram Prasanna, CSS Labs,||nanhsirk.annasarpmar, AWS User
  148. C S Chandrasekaran, Solution Architect, My Mobile Life, moc.liamg||, To learn about AWS
  149. Fenzik Joseph D, Tech Lead Essentia soft solutions, moc.proc-aitnesse|kiznef#moc.proc-aitnesse|kiznef, To explore Could computing
  150. Mohideen, Mobius Knowledge Services,ni.secivressuibom|pneedihom#ni.secivressuibom|pneedihom, To explore cloud
  151. Thirulogachander, Mobius Knowledge services,moc.secivressuibom|mrednahcagoluriht#moc.secivressuibom|mrednahcagoluriht, To know about AWs
  152. Sudha,Mobius Knowledge Services,moc.secivressuibom|rahdus#moc.secivressuibom|rahdus, To explore cloud
  153. VigneshRaja,GoI, To know about AWS
  154. Dhandapani,Developer/ecsoftware,si.ce|inapadnahd#si.ce|inapadnahd,To know about AWS and start using it
  155. Devi, Sr.Developer/ecSoftware, ,to Know about the technology.
  156. Mahaja.V , Programmer Analyst /CTS , To Learn about AWS
  157. Ashok Kumar.M , Programmer Analyst / CTS , To Learn about Web Services
  158. Virupakshan K,Founder/,moc.uruGnalPemoH|uriV#moc.uruGnalPemoH|uriV,To know about AWS
  159. Krishna K, Project Manager, kr is h dot ku mar att srilu dott com, To get an overview about AWS
  160. Bharath.P, Application Developer/E.C software,si.ce|htarahb#si.ce|htarahb,To know about AWS and start using it
  161. Mohammed Ali. A, Sr.Application Developer from E.C.Software,si.ce|ilademmahom#si.ce|ilademmahom,To know about AWS and start using it
  162. Dinesh.J, Sr.Application Developer from E.C.Software,si.ce|hsenid#si.ce|hsenid,To know about AWs
  163. Mariappan .S Software Developer E C Software , si.ce|nappairam#si.ce|nappairam. Need to understand AWS / Software Architect.
  164. Gomathi M. Sivaraj, Product manager, si.ce|mihtamog#si.ce|mihtamog, To get to know AWS
  165. Gowri Ganesh.N.S, MTS, CDAC, ni.cadc|hsenaggsn#ni.cadc|hsenaggsn, To know about cloud, AWS.
  166. Senthil Ponnuswamy, system administrator, si.ce|lihtnesp#si.ce|lihtnesp, For better understanding of AWS Concepts.
  167. Maharaja .P , System Adminsitrator, si.ce|ajaraham#si.ce|ajaraham, To learn more about AWS
  168. Basheerahmed.S , system administrator, si.ce|demhareehsabs#si.ce|demhareehsabs, For getting more knowlege on AWS setup and concepts.
  169. Ilayaraja.S System Support moc.vsixa|najaradnuos.ajrayali#moc.vsixa|najaradnuos.ajrayali, learn more in amazon cloud computing
  170. Senthil Nayagam, CTO - RailsFactory, gro.yrotcafsliar|lihtnes#gro.yrotcafsliar|lihtnes, To network and share experience if needed
  171. Dinesh Kumar, CEO - RailsFactory, gro.yrotcafsliar|hsenid#gro.yrotcafsliar|hsenid, To network
  172. SureshRaja, Collabnet, ten.balloc|lamureps#ten.balloc|lamureps, To Learn about Cloud Computing
  173. Harsha Ram, Product Manager /Sify,moc.procyfis|mar.ahsrah#moc.procyfis|mar.ahsrah , Information
  174. Vijayakumar V, VP Technology/Voicegear Networks, moc.liamg|ramukayajiv.v#moc.liamg|ramukayajiv.v, , Learning interest - already a novice user
  175. Madhu Gayathri, Director Technology/Voicegear Networks, moc.liamg|virhtayaguhdam#moc.liamg|virhtayaguhdam, , Learning interest
  176. Chak Mamidipalli, Managing Partner/Selfservit Solutions, moc.tivresfles|kahc#moc.tivresfles|kahc, Learning & Evaluating AWS for a new platform
  177. Sridhar Kalyanasundaram, Consultant, kalyanasridhar at gmail dot com
  178. ramki.s, architect/Sify, moc.procyfis|nainamarbus.ikmar#moc.procyfis|nainamarbus.ikmar, —, integration requirement.

*Name, Role/Org, email contact, more-info, Why AWS?

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