Unconference Agenda

Mix of Pre-announced as well as in-promptu lightning talks, demos are planned.
You are welcome to shamelessly self-promote your product/service/biz. As long as it is relevant to AWS.

If you have alternatives of using AWS, you are more than welcome to share about them. [ AWS is set of building blocks, not all problems fit well into the building block scheme. Learning about alternative approaches is equally important, if not more, to build appropriate solutions with AWS.]

  • How to host a static website using AWS S3 ?( Your awesome website for < $0.50 per month!!!) - By Ezhil, CSS Labs
  • "Thinking in Key-value stores" by Bhasker V Kode Hover.in

Buddies from dalas verdugo on Vimeo.

  • Use of public datasets of AWS - - By Murthy Raju CSS Labs
  • Creative New Uses of SQS - ??? - ???
  • Leveraging AWS for Mobile - By MarketSimplified.Com
  • Enterprise Class Databases on AWS - By Rav Ahuja, IBM Canada.
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