Workshop Agenda

Intro to AWS Infrastructure Services – 30 Min

Learn how to create an AWS account, understand SOAP, REST and Query APIs and learn how to use the tools, AWS management Console

Deep Dive into AWS Infrastructure Services (tools and Libraries)- 60 Min

In this session, attendees will learn to play with different AWS services

* Amazon EC2 - Learn how to create, bundle and launch and AMI, Setting up Amazon EBS volumes, Elastic IP, creating Auto-scaling group
* Amazon S3 buckets objects and ACLs and Amazon CloudFront distributions
* Amazon SQS queues
* Amazon SimpleDB Domains, Items, Attributes and Querying
* Amazon Elastic MapReduce jobflows and Map Reduce

Architecting for Cloud : Best Practices- 30 Min

Learn how to build highly scalable applications in the cloud. In this session, you will learn about best practices, tip, tricks and techniques of leveraging the highly scalable infrastructure platform: AWS cloud.

Migrating applications to the Cloud - 30 Min

Learn a step by step approach to migrate your existing applications to the Cloud environment. This blueprint will help enterprise architects in performing a cloud and security assessment, selecting the right candidate for the Cloud for a proof of concept project and leveraging the actual benefits of the Cloud like auto-scaling and low-cost business continuity. Jinesh will discuss migration plans and reference architectures of various examples, scenarios and use cases.

Bring your own laptops, Java and basic web services development expertise needed

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